Epic Two Person Hammock (Free Express Shipping, $49 value)

30 reviews
Epic Two Person Hammock (Free Express Shipping, $49 value)

Epic Two Person Hammock (Free Express Shipping, $49 value)

30 reviews
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Grab a book, your favorite drink, and enjoy the most relaxing time you've ever had.

If you've never felt the calming and soothing affects of lying in a hammock can provide, you are in for a treat!  It's no coincidence that images of tropical paradises always have a photo of a hammock.  

Relax in a hammock and take a much deserved mental break from your hectic life.  You deserve it!

If you're so inclined, grab your favorite cuddle buddy and snuggle up in the most comfortable tightly woven cotton thread you've ever felt.  But if you choose to keep it all to yourself, we wouldn't blame you either. 


 World’s Most Versatile Furniture - It’s a bed, a chair, a recliner, a rocking chair, a porch swing All-In-One!

 No Trees Required - Stop searching for those two perfectly spaced trees!  They only exist in the movies!  Included free-standing metal frame provides endless placement options.

 Room for Two - Large hammock fits people as tall as 6’5” and is wide enough to fit two people.  Frame is made of heavy duty welded steel pipe and has 330 lbs. weight limit.

 Get Better Sleep - Scientific studies have shown that subjects fall asleep faster and have deeper sleep. Hammock’s natural curve has no pressure points, wake up without pain or stiffness and get increased number of sleeping hours.

 Relieve Stress - Feel like being on vacation and be reminded of being on a tropical beach enjoying the ocean breeze.  Once the gentle rocking motion brings a deep sense of calm over you, you’ll realize this feeling simply cannot be attained by any other piece of furniture you own.

 Safety of Being Cradled in a Cocoon - Brazilian style or “cocoon” hammocks like this are much safer than the hammocks that have spreader bars.  Spreader bars flatten the hammock and make it much easier to flip.  Because “cocoon” style hammocks allow you to sink into it, your center of gravity is much lower from the pivot points therefore making flipping nearly impossible.  


 Setup in Less than 10 minutes - Engineered to be assembled tool-free and straightforward setup in less than 10 minutes and can be done by just one person.  Includes instructions with helpful illustrations.

 Great for Camping - Extremely Portable  (29 lbs.) transport using included zippered duffle bag.  When disassembled and placed in the duffle bag, the bag is less than 4 ft. long.

 Easy to Move -  When assembled, the hammock frame’s weight distribution is such that it can be easily moved to the best location.  Plastic covered feet and rubber end caps protect surfaces such as wood decking.  

 Soft and Durable Fabric -  Hammock fabric is made of thick, colorfast cotton polyester fabric which is the perfect blend of durability and softness.  (Manufacturer’s recommendation is to hand wash with mild non-bleach detergent).

 Genius Hook and Loop Design - No hassling with ropes and carabiners. Attaching and removing the cloth hammock could not be simpler.

 Built-in Tension Adjustment - Another thoughtful design feature that sets this hammock apart is that it has 6 tension adjustment positions for the hook placement to ensure the  hammock has the perfect tension over the life of the hammock as they naturally stretch over time.  This also allows you to attach other hammocks to it as it can accommodate hammocks from 9’ -14’ in length.


Did you know Hammocks have a rich history?   Hammocks date back more that 500 years, originating in Central and South America as the most comfortable way of sleeping. In fact, the British Royal Navy began using hammocks as early as the 1600's for use on ships because the swaying movement provided superior comfort for their sailors and prevented them from being thrown to the deck in rough seas.

Potential Health Benefits of the Hammock

Modern day doctors and researchers have noted that hammocks can actually help us fall asleep faster, have deeper sleep, and awake feeling more refreshed.

Researchers at the University of Geneva in Switzerland tried to discover why this works and what happens when people are rocked to sleep. In order to conduct the study, the team built custom devices that gently rocked, and monitored brain activity using an electroencephalogram (EEG). “We observed a faster transition to sleep in each and every subject in the swinging condition,” researcher Michel Mühlethaler said in the study’s news release. (Science Daily, June 2011)

Additionally, the researchers found that the gentle rocking increased sleep-related oscillations in the brain called “sleep spindles,” which are intertwined with deep sleep and memory consolidation, when compared to the control component of the study done on normal, still mattresses. It has been suggested that the slight elevation of the head allows for better circulation around the brain.





  1. Material (Frame): Diameter 42mm, Wall Thickness 1.5mm Steel Pipe 
  2. Material (Hammock): Polyester Cotton 
  3. Hammock Size: 200*150cm, Total Length 
  4. Weight: 13.2kg
  5. Frame Size: Total Length 257.5cm, Bottom Crossbar Length 117cm, Both Sides Width 107.5cm, Height 104.5cm


  • 1 x Steel Hammock Frame
  • 1 x Polyester Cotton Hammock
  • 1 x zippered storage bag with assembly instructions


⚡STRONG AND DURABLE⚡ - LIFETIME GUARANTEE! - made of strong and durable materials and built to last. We don't believe you will, but if at any point you have any quality issues, we will replace it at no cost!

Customer Reviews
4.7 Based on 30 Reviews
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Suzanne T.
United States United States
I love this hammock!

I was super skeptical of this hammock when my husband purchased it, however, it has quickly become my favorite place to be. In fact, I make a point to find at least a few minutes each day to be in it. It’s very comfortable and I often find myself nodding off while relaxing in it! My children love to have me read to them in the hammock (not the couch!). This is the perfect hammock for summer or in mild climates, year round! It’s totally worth the price paid and it arrived sooner than expected.

Jake P.
My 10yr old LOVES it!

My 10yr old son absolutely loves this hammock. If I'm every looking for him he's in it reading or just soaking in nature. This is a kid that normally is playing minecraft video cames, so that's saying something!

Lisa M.
Where I take a break from gardening

I love gardening and this hammock is a wonderful addition to my garden area. Whenever I need to take a break from gardening I just sit or laydown in my beautiful hammock. I love it!

Maria S.
Better than I expected

This was my best purchase during the lockdowns. I spend so much time in this it's become my favorite place to be!

Dana M.
Feels sturdy when you're in it

I thought it might not hold my weight but after you're in it it feels great. Just a tip, make sure to adjust the hammock so that it's barely drooping BEFORE you get in it. You don't want to get in it and sink all the way to the ground or hit the bar below. I also take my hammock (the cloth part) indoors when I'm not using it. It's so easy to hook and unhook.